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A bathroom and treatment bed at Pure Skin Care
Helping Utah glow since 2012

Treat Yourself at the Best Skin Care Clinic in Holladay, UT

The climate in and around Salt Lake City throws a lot at our skin. From frigid mountain gusts to dry, still heat, skin in Utah takes a beating, but with modern science and an expert practitioner, you can reverse the worst signs of sun damage and aging. Achieve a complexion as radiant as the sun-capped peaks of Mount Superior at Pure Skin Care.

At Pure Skin Care, we offer guidance, the latest aesthetic technology, and best of all, genuine concern for your skin’s health and wellness. With the latest jet plasma facials, hydrafacial, and beauty treatments, we keep you looking your best for any occasion. Browse our world-class services below and find something that speaks to you.

Find What You Need to Feel Gorgeous & Confident!

Smoother, tighter, more supple, more even—whatever you need for your skin, we have a treatment to match. Contact us to get started on your skin care journey!

Meet Our Provider

Erin Brinton, Master Aesthetician & Owner

Erin Brinton has been a Master Aesthetician since 2008 and opened Pure Skin Care in 2012. Erin works with all types of skin conditions, including acne, aging, and rosacea. Erin loves what she does and is passionate about helping people see their real beauty while feeling their best. Erin’s goal is to help you uncover your purest complexion so you feel confident in the skin you’re in.

Pure Skin goes beyond the office walls; your at-home skincare routine is just as important (if not more so) as your scheduled facials. Erin works with her clients to help them strategize a skin care routine for their unique needs. Schedule your consultation today!


Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

Erin always is up on the best ways to improve my skin. I appreciate her expertise and suggestions on how to keep me looking great! I look forward to every facial and time spent with Erin. She is the best!

Diana D.
Rating: 5

Erin is truly THE BEST. Not only does she create such an enjoyable experience, but she also transformed my skin within a few visits and I am so grateful. She is very knowledgeable and helped me find a skincare routine that works well for my skin type. I highly recommend to anyone in the area!

Kate W.
Rating: 5

#1, highly recommend 10/10 etc etc. The facials are amazing and have all the bells and whistles, but Erin is also the only aesthetician (or Dr etc) to ACTUALLY improve my skin post-baby. Besides treatments and products she also helped me address supplements, dietary factors etc that could be affecting my skin. She had a targeted approach and followed up with me between appointments to check progress. I’m SO happy to have clearer and happier skin thanks to her. (Without any drugs, harsh products 🙅🏼‍♀️)

Sadee B.
Rating: 5

Erin at Pure Skin Care is the best! My first appointment was for a hydra facial and I intended to just go one time, but I loved the results so much that I keep coming back regularly. I’ve seen a big improvement in my complexion and skin texture. Pure Skin Care has many different treatment and facial options and fully customizes each appointment for my individual needs. I love the products Erin uses and she is always sourcing new products to offer. Erin is the most knowledgeable esthetician I’ve worked with, and time spent with her is always a good time!

Kate L.
Rating: 5

I know this review is only going to add onto the thousands of reviews Erin already has but I can’t help it she’s the absolute best! I never thought I would be so in love with my skin like I am today if it wasn’t for Erin I don’t know where I would be today! If you’re ready to glow stop thinking about it and just do it ! You won’t regret it ! Thank you so much Erin, from the bottom of my heart ❤️

Christina A.
Rating: 5

My skin looks and feels sooooo much better! I started seeing Erin about a year ago. I had stopped getting facials through the pandemic and by the time I saw Erin for the first time my skin was a mess! She has completely transformed by skin and I can’t recommend her enough! She is knowledgable, thoughtful, honest, and truly wonderful all around. You are in professional, capable, caring hands with Erin!

Afton C.
Rating: 5

Five star! Since going regularly to Erin my acne has stopped, my skin is firmer, noticeably more even texture and color. Her knowledge and expertise is above and beyond anywhere I have ever been.

Jenna H.
Rating: 5

Erin is amazing! My skin has never looked better. I feel like she is full of knowledge and actually really cares about me and my skin! Highly recommend!

Lacey G.
Rating: 5

I’ve been going to Erin consistently for 10+ years. My skin looks great and it’s always a welcoming experience. She’s extremely knowledgeable and great at what she does

Jen O.
Rating: 5

The best facial experience of my life! Just finished my 5th jet plasma treatment and I’m so excited to see the results from it in a couple weeks. A totally pain free experience compared to doing something like Botox or any injection into the face. Hydrafacials are on point as well and a great experience if you want to pamper yourself, I get one a month and I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s also been great to get help with some skin issues that I had been experiencing and finding a solution that helped without having to go to the doctors. if you are serious about your skin and want to see a difference and have a great experience at the same time, this is the place!

Kelly D.
Rating: 5

I loved my facial experience with Erin! It was not just a facial. It was a total, whole body, nourishing, and relaxing experience from head to toe, inside and out! I loved her peaceful Beautiful environment! Definitely a self care, self-love action today! Highly recommend Erin for a total healing experience!!

Cynthia W.
Rating: 5

I have loved my experiences with Erin at Pure Skin Care. Her location is beautiful and easily accessible. She is thoughtful and very skilled as an esthetician. She takes great care to ensure you have the right products and right treatments for your skin type, age and skin problems. Unlike many spa experiences that lack authenticity, empathy and are more about making $$ than about your care, Erin is amazing!

Susan G.
Rating: 5

“Erin always does a great job! Her skin care knowledge is amazing and she has helped my skin so much! Her salon is so cute and inviting! I highly recommend her!”

Liz P.
Rating: 5

“As a loyal customer for 15+ years, Erin consistently delivers unmatched expertise and a warm, inviting atmosphere. From facials to skincare, it’s more than just a beauty appointment – it’s a trust-filled spa experience. Here’s to many more years of exceptional service!”

Tanya A.
Rating: 5

“Erin has been a skin life saver! My mom booked my first appointment after reading tons of reviews in the area as incentive for me to take better care of my skin. Erin does such a great job at analyzing what’s best for you/your skin type/your lifestyle and I have noticed a big difference in my skin since going to her. She even worked with me during my pregnancy for the safest/best options during my skin changes during and after. Highly recommend!”

Shannon D.
Rating: 5

“I trust Erin completely with my skin care. She provides wonderful facials and makes great recommendations that are personalized. When I started going to her, I did not have a regular skin care regimen and was getting frequent breakouts – with regular care, my skin looks brighter and I hardly ever get breakouts. Highly recommend!”

Amanda B.
Rating: 5

“Erin and Pure Skin are amazing! Her new spa is relaxing and easy to access. She does an amazing job. I feel pampered and beautiful after every appointment. I think I am going on 10+ years as a client and I have zero intention of changing!”

Nicole F
Rating: 5
Beauty, Confidence, & Wellness

Which Skin Care Treatment is Perfect For You?

Every beauty enthusiast starts somewhere. If you know what skin care treatments work best for you, great! If not, we’re happy to offer our years of expertise and deep industry knowledge to pair you with a treatment that works wonders. During your consultation, we’ll speak to you at length about what’s holding you back, frustrating you, or sinking your confidence. Afterward, we’ll talk about treatment options and at-home best practices to achieve a holistic skin care routine together.

Your beauty, confidence, and wellness matter to us. That’s why we take the time to guide your skin care journey. Reach out today and let’s talk about your skin.

Radiant Complexion & a Healthier, Happier You

At Pure Skin Care, we know how acne scars, fine lines, and discolored spots can feel. Skin imperfections may classify as “minor” to everyone else, but they can have an outsized impact on our confidence and self-worth. At the end of the day, skin care is self-care and self-care is valuable. From chronic skin conditions like rosacea or acne to the finest aesthetic concerns, we have the treatments, tools, and training you need to chart your path forward.

Unsure what you’re looking for? No worries! Schedule your consultation today and let us guide you toward radiant skin that you can be proud of. To learn more, or to schedule your appointment today, call us at 801-810-4397 or contact us online.