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Redefining Intimacy & Comfort

Schedule Your Brazilian Wax in Holladay, UT

Unwanted hair—wherever it is—can cause discomfort, embarrassment, and even frustration. But in our most private area, unwanted hair is a real drag that’s easy to fix. At Pure Skin Care, we use expert Brazilian waxing techniques to style, trim, or remove unwanted hair “down there.” Learn all about the advantages of a Brazilian wax today!

A Gentle Treatment For Your Most Private Parts

Shaving in the shower costs us time, money, and energy each week. Waxing is more affordable, less irritating, and longer-lasting while also being more precise. This allows us to trim, style, or outright remove unwanted pubic hair for ultimate comfort and the smoothest skin. Some clients choose to leave a little strip, square, or triangle. Others prefer to take it all off. The choice is yours!

Waxing also causes fewer ingrown hairs than shaving and is generally less traumatic for sensitive skin. On average, waxing causes less inflammation while actually improving skin texture. If you’re tired of carefully shaving down there each week, or if you’re ready to ditch your razor entirely, contact Pure Skin Care to schedule your Brazilian wax today!

Benefits of a Brazilian Wax

  • Quick & easy
  • More effective than shaving
  • Gentler on sensitive skin
  • Longer-lasting results
  • Fewer ingrown hairs
  • Exfoliates skin
  • Less inflammation
  • No cuts or scrapes

Wax How You Want at Pure Skin Care

At Pure Skin Care, we take a people-first approach. That means tailoring our services to meet your exact desires. During your initial consultation, we’ll speak with you about your waxing goals and your expectations. Afterward, we’ll design a Brazilian wax treatment to meet your needs.

For waxing your most sensitive area, we prefer to use a hard wax. Hard wax doesn’t adhere to skin as much as soft wax. To start, the hard wax is applied and allowed to dry. No cloth strip is used. Instead, we flick away the wax until the aesthetician can grab a hold of it. Afterward, it is quickly pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth. If you’re ready to trim, style, or remove your pubic hair, call Pure Skin Care today at 801-810-4397!

Brazilian Wax FAQs

Numerous factors can affect how long the results of your Brazilian wax last. Depending on your average rate of hair growth, how much hair you had removed, and how thickly your hair grows, you can expect a Brazilian wax to last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. Over time, the effects of waxing compound. This means that the more frequently you wax, the slighter in size and lighter in color your hair regrows.

To schedule your first or fiftieth Brazilian wax in Holladay or Salt Lake City, UT, contact Pure Skin Care today!

At Pure Skin Care, we charge $65 for a full Brazilian wax. This pricing is consistent with a rough nationwide average. Our Master Aesthetician, Erin Brinton, performs the waxing herself and counsels all clients beforehand so that they know exactly what each treatment entails.

At most, clients should expect mild discomfort throughout the waxing process. Some patients feel little to nothing at all. Depending on your individual comfort level, we may apply numbing creams or use other topical solutions to reduce any unwanted sensations. Waxing is generally more tolerable as time goes on. The best solution to mild discomfort is frequent waxing appointments!

Brazilian Waxing Menu & Pricing

Brazilian Wax$65

Manage, sculpt, or outright remove the hair in your most intimate area. Waxing provides smoother skin with less irritation and ingrown hairs.

Bikini Area$40

Avoid embarrassment at the shore by ensuring smooth skin at the margins of your bikini line. Look flawless and radiant all summer long.

Style, Trim, or Remove Your Hair Down There

The Brazilian waxing technique is famous the world over for its effectiveness, speed, and long-lasting results. When compared to shaving, waxing is more precise, less irritating, and less likely to produce ingrown hairs. If you’re tired of feeling or looking untidy in your most private parts, ditch your razor and embrace waxing in Holladay and Salt Lake City, UT.

Waxing is safe for all skin tones and types. During your consultation, we’ll speak with you about your history of unwanted hair, treatments you’ve used in the past, and any skin conditions we should be aware of. Schedule your Brazilian wax today by calling us at 801-810-4397.

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