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The Best HydraFacial™ in Holladay, UT

Another leading-edge facial option at Pure Skin Care is the HydraFacial™—a hydradermabrasion technique that’s making waves throughout the skin care discipline. HydraFacials™ rely on advanced technology to cleanse, hydrate, and protect skin for weeks on end. HydraFacial™ results can last six weeks or longer, locking in skin’s “glow” and a dozen other benefits.

What is a HydraFacial™ & How Does it Work?

At their core, HydraFacials™ are hydradermabrasion treatments—“hydra” meaning “water” and “dermabrasion” meaning the scouring or removal of superficial skin layers. Across three distinct treatment phases, the HydraFacial™ wand transforms to blast away dead skin, vacuum oils and toxins from pores, or apply skin-boosting serum to lock in results.

In phase 1, the HydraFacial™ wand scrubs dead skin from the treatment area. Gentle exfoliation restores skin glow while making room for healthier, emerging cells. In phase 2, impurities are sucked from pores with gentle suction, reducing the risk of infections or outbreaks. Finally, phase 3 hydrates treated skin and applies nourishing moisturizers and serums to lock in results. Thanks to these three phases, HydraFacials™ offer a dozen quick benefits and long-lasting results.

During your treatment, you will also enjoy a warm heated bed, warm towels on your feet, a neck, shoulder, and scalp massage, and a sage bath. This process, also known as smudging, helps calm and soothe the nervous system, raises your vibrations, and leaves you feeling refreshed. Leave your treatment with cleared energy and ready to take on the rest of your day!

What Can HydraFacials™ Treat?

  • Acne
  • Acne scars
  • Loose skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Enlarged pores
  • Rosacea
  • Fine lines & Wrinkles
  • More

The Cosmetic & Medical Applications of HydraFacials™

Ideally, our skin grows, dies, and sheds on a monthly cycle. But sometimes, dead skin stacks up and clings together, sabotaging our complexion and the next generation of healthy cells. This is especially perilous for those with acne, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis. Oils and toxins can clog pores and lead to infections or intense outbreaks.

Additionally, dead skin and toxins can contribute to symptoms of premature aging. HydraFacials™ prevent this by maximizing skin health and boosting collagen production for tighter, bouncier skin. As both a cosmetic treatment and an acne treatment or rosacea treatment, HydraFacials™ have versatile applications. Experience the results for yourself today by calling 801-810-4397.

HydraFacial™ FAQs

Put simply, HydraFacials™ use special serums and other mechanical methods to remove dead skin, oils, and toxins from your face. They can also boost collagen and apply moisturizers or serums to lock in skin health.

When we’re young, our skin regenerates on something like a 28-day cycle. But as we age, this cycle takes longer. Dead skin clings together across our face, dulling our complexion and contributing to increased outbreaks or flare-ups. HydraFacials™ hit the reset button on skin health, promoting brighter, tighter, and smoother skin.

Thanks to their three distinct phases (cleanse, extract, hydrate), HydraFacials™ deliver lasting benefits for up to six weeks. Patients with dry skin or severe chronic skin conditions may benefit from HydraFacials™ on a monthly basis. On average, one HydraFacial™ appointment every few weeks is enough to lock in skin health and boost skin appearance for a month and a half or longer.

To learn how often you should schedule HydraFacial appointments, contact Pure Skin Care in Holladay and Salt Lake City, UT.

Yes, HydraFacials™ are an excellent treatment for acne. In most acne patients, an overproduction of sebum (natural skin oil) traps bacteria, toxins, and dead skin cells on the skin’s surface and deep in pores. These impurities contribute to the formation of whiteheads and blackheads. They also increase the frequency and intensity of acne outbreaks.

HydraFacials™ encourage peeling (cellular turnover) while comprehensively cleaning surface skin and pores. Additionally, these leading-edge facial treatments boost collagen for faster healing of new and old acne scars.

HydraFacial Phases For Comprehensive Rejuvenation


A vortex fusion tip resurfaces the skin, breaking the bonds that hold dead skin together and scouring it from the surface.


Oils, toxins, bacteria, and excess sebum are vacuumed from deep within pores, reducing irritation, infections, and outbreaks.

Hydrate & Protect

Hydrating and skin-boosting serums are infused into tighter, supple skin for longer results and improved overall skin health.

HydraFacial™ Menu & Pricing

HydraFacial™ Single Session (60 min)$190

This is our Signature and most requested treatment. We will do a skin analysis, then cleanse, exfoliate, and complete the HydraFacial in 3 steps – deep exfoliation, painless extractions, and hydrating using vortex fusion and special patent serums. You will receive a luxurious shoulder, neck, and scalp massage, a warm mask will be applied, warm towels with aromatic smells will be used during your treatment, a little smudging to calm and soothe your nervous system, finishing moisturizer and SPF. 

3-Treatment Series$485

Incorporate HydraFacials into your skin care routine with this series of three spaced several weeks apart. Clear your calendar and your skin!

6-Treatment Series$912

Go all-in on HydraFacials by making them the cornerstone of your entire care routine. Enjoy supple, clear, tight skin over the next 8-12 months.

Growth Factor Booster$45

HydraFacials are the perfect opportunity to treat skin further with a growth factor booster add-on. Give your skin what it needs to thrive.

Hydra + Chest & Neck$45

Our face, neck, and chest take a beating from the sun. Rehydrate and cleanse all three areas with this add-on.

LED Light Therapy$30

Light warms skin, inspires healing, and promotes the development of structural proteins. Embolden your skin with this add-on.

Schedule Your First or Fiftieth HydraFacial™ at Pure Skin Care

In the dry heat and low sun of Holladay and Salt Lake City, UT, our skin cracks and dries easily. Over time, this cycle can deepen wrinkles, worsen chronic skin conditions, and lead to significant premature aging. At Pure Skin Care, we use the leading-edge HydraFacial™ to turn back the clock, reduce outbreaks, and minimize photoaging while encouraging optimal skin health for weeks on end. Few facials can hold a candle to these advanced skin treatments!

HydraFacials™ are safe for all skin types and gentle enough for those with skin sensitivities. As both a corrective and cosmetic facial, HydraFacials™ are beloved by clients around the globe. Try one for yourself today by calling Pure Skin Care at 801-810-4397!

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