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Say “Adieu” to Peach Fuzz

Brow Waxing, Lip Wax, & More in Holladay, UT

Most of us think about pores and hair follicles as separate features of human skin. But in reality, every pore is a hair follicle. When unwanted hair springs up on our upper lip, chin, or brow, it can make us look untidy or even furry. Light catches the peach fuzz on our chin as though it were shining off a tennis ball. At Pure Skin Care in Holladay, UT, we solve for unwanted facial hair with precision waxing services. Ditch the razor and embrace a longer-lasting solution.

Facial Waxing for Supple Skin & Enhanced Facial Contours

Unwanted hair may be a chore, but our method for removing it matters. At Pure Skin Care, our facial waxing services maximize skin health. Waxing pulls hair out by the roots, while shaving merely clips the exposed shaft above the skin. Waxing also exfoliates, produces fewer ingrown hairs, and leads to less irritation on average.

When used on the chin, upper lip, brow, or elsewhere, waxing preserves texture and boosts health without the scrapes and cuts of shaving. Versatile enough for every area of the face, and suitable for sensitive skin, waxing is the best, longest-lasting method for eliminating peach fuzz, enhancing facial contours, and shaping brows. The advantages of facial waxing cannot be overlooked.

Advantages of Facial Waxing

  • Long lasting results (4-6 weeks)
  • Fewer ingrown hairs
  • Exfoliates skin
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Affordable
  • Precise
  • No cuts or scrapes
  • Versatile

Upper Lip Wax, Chin Wax, & More

Men and women who are sick of shaving can count on facial waxing to go where it’s needed. At Pure Skin Care, we have waxing services for every area of the face. Clients can choose an upper lip wax, brow wax, chin wax, or even full-face wax. For that extra something, opt for our brow tinting add-on to really make your eyes POP.

At Pure Skin Care, we tailor all our services to meet individual client demands. During your consultation, we’ll talk about your goals, discuss your history with unwanted hair, and recommend a waxing treatment and cadence to keep you hair-free for more days on average. Choose smoother, healthier skin with facial waxing! Contact us today at 801-810-4397.

Facial Waxing FAQs

Numerous factors can affect how frequently you schedule lip waxing appointments. On average, clients are encouraged to come in every 3-4 weeks. Depending on your goals, your rate of hair growth, and the color/thickness of your facial hair, you may schedule more or fewer appointments each month.

Facial hair grows fast! Don’t let your peach fuzz ruin a proposal at work or a big night out with your special someone. In Holladay and Salt Lake City, UT, clients trust Pure Skin Care with all their facial waxing needs. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

No, waxing hair anywhere on the body will not result in faster or thicker hair growth in the future. In fact, this urban myth has been debunked numerous times throughout recent years. Frequent waxing has been known to produce the polar opposite result—hair grows back slower, finer, and lighter in color after regular appointments.

To learn more about the advantages of waxing, call us at 801-810-4397 today.

If you’ve never had a waxing treatment before, you can expect some mild discomfort during your first appointment. That said, most clients feel little to nothing at all. This discomfort improves with each waxing session. Clients become accustomed to the sensations and no longer feel any discomfort at all.

At Pure Skin Care, your comfort matters to us. We can apply numbing creams and other topical solutions if the discomfort becomes too difficult to ignore.

Facial Waxing Menu & Pricing

Brows + Tint$45

Sculpt and tint your eyebrows to perfectly accentuate the natural beauty of your eyes. Make your gaze POP with a brow waxing and tinting.


Strip your upper lip of that stubborn peach fuzz that catches the light just so. Live confidently with lip wax at Pure Skin Care.


Let the natural contours of your chin shine through instead of that unwanted tennis ball fuzz. Make an impression in every room with a chin wax.


Say goodbye to visible nose hairs, remove those unwanted hairs in just one sitting.

Full Face$60

Exfoliate, remove hair, and encourage skin health in a single treatment. Our full facial waxing sets every face up for success.

Schedule Your Facial Waxing Appointment Today

For big moments or even just an average weekday, facial waxing allows us to put our best face forward without worrying about unwanted hair. With longer-lasting results, fewer ingrown hairs, and less of a monthly time investment, waxing is a 21st-century approach to unwanted hair that’s as old as the history books themselves.

At Pure Skin Care, our Master Aesthetician counsels clients for optimal skin care.  Schedule your consultation today and learn more about what waxing can do. Call us at 801-810-4397.

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