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Zero Discomfort. Zero Downtime

Skin Rejuvenation with CoolJet™ Plasma Facials in Holladay, UT

Your skin is a self-repairing suit of living armor. In fact, our skin’s natural healing response is powerful enough to minimize wrinkles, revise old scars, and reduce blemishes on its own. All it needs is a little inspiration. At Pure Skin Care in Holladay, UT, we use CoolJet™ Plasma Facials to hack your skin’s healing potential. With zero downtime and discomfort, this may be the 21st-century facial you’re looking for.

What is CoolJet™ Plasma & How Does it Work?

When our skin senses damage, it manufactures and distributes resources to repair that damage. Two structural proteins are required to close wounds and smooth over scars—collagen and elastin. While we can synthesize these proteins, doing so is less effective than tricking skin into doing the work for us. This is where CoolJet™ Plasma comes in.

CoolJet™ is the latest technology in plasma devices, using high voltage and cool atmospheric temperature. Our advanced cool jet device effectively delivers 14,000 volts of plasma into the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin stimulating high levels of collagen production that helps remodel the cellular structure of the skin from the inside out. There is zero surface trauma on the skin. This makes this treatment highly effective.  CoolJet™ Plasma boasts numerous benefits in a quick, simple, and pain-free package.

What Can CoolJet™ Plasma Facials Treat?

  • Anti-aging
  • Teen acne
  • Reduces pigmentation
  • Rosacea
  • Lifts and firms
  • Tightens pores
  • Brightens skin

What Can CoolJet™ Plasma Do For Me?

CoolJet™ Plasma treatments have powerful anti-aging benefits. This treatment helps tighten and firm the skin and helps improve elasticity. This combination helps leave your skin looking more youthful appearance.

All forms of acne can be positively impacted using CoolJet™ by sterilizing the skin with ozone, its anti-bacterial and kills surface bacteria on the spot. Your skin can also benefit from the CoolJet™ by diminishing pigmentation on your skin by suppressing the production of melanin in the deepest layer of the skin. The benefits of this treatment can be seen in more even-toned and clarity in your skin.

CoolJet™ Plasma FAQs

CoolJet™ Plasma treatments are safe for all skin types and tones. In a quick in-office treatment, patients can tighten and rejuvenate skin, encourage the healing of new and old scars, and boost the effectiveness of topical skincare products. CoolJet™ Plasma Facials are non-invasive, require zero downtime, and provide lasting, anti-aging benefits.

CoolJet™ Plasma is a modern solution for those suffering from acne, rosacea redness, and other chronic skin conditions. To learn more about what this 21st-century treatment can do for you, call Pure Skin Care near Salt Lake City, UT, at 801-810-4397 today!

Yes, CoolJet™ Plasma stimulates collagen synthesis and opens microchannels in the skin to boost topical skincare products. In reality, your skin is doing most of the work. CoolJet™ plasma goes down into the deeper layers of the skin and remodels the skin

As a result, your skin produces and diverts structural proteins to repair that damage. But with only the microchannels to repair, that boost in collagen sticks around to heal new and old scars, tighten skin, and reduce discoloration. CoolJet™ Plasma works because your skin has been trained by nature to repair itself.

Learn more about how CoolJet™ Plasma works by contacting Pure Skin Care today!

After a CoolJet™ treatment, it is best that you wait 12-24 hours before applying anything to the skin. You should avoid working out, taking a hot shower, going in a sauna, swimming, applying makeup, or applying SPF.

CooJet™ Plasma Menu & Pricing

CoolJet™ Plasma Single Treatment$325

We will cleanse, exfoliate, perform CoolJet™, and use LED light therapy. Pampering you with a scalp massage and concluding with some finishing serums.


Enjoy this CoolJet™ Plasma treatment and all its benefits with bundle pricing.


For the best bang for your buck, and the best results for your skin – purchase bundle pricing for your CoolJet™ Plasma treatments.

Mask Add-on$25

For more relaxation, allow our team to add a mask-add to your  CoolJet™ Plasma treatment.

Try CoolJet™ Plasma For Yourself at Pure Skin Care!

Not that long ago, a client had to spend large sums of money and weeks in bed after plastic surgery procedures. Thankfully, the aesthetic technology of today makes facial rejuvenation easier, more affordable, and less traumatic. CoolJet™ Plasma Facials are non-invasive. They require zero downtime and cause zero discomfort—all while providing results that last for months on end. With both medical and cosmetic applications, CoolJet™ Plasma is boosting skin health throughout Holladay and Salt Lake City, UT!

Schedule your lunch-break appointment with Pure Skin Care today and learn what CoolJet™ Plasma can do for you. Reduce the frequency and intensity of acne outbreaks and rosacea redness while tightening skin and reducing blemishes. Contact Pure Skin Care today at 801-810-4397!

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