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Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Skin Care Clinic in Holladay, UT

Everyone deserves radiant, healthy skin. But at Pure Skin Care, we know that not everyone is a skin care enthusiast with years of skin care experience under their belts. From your first appointment to your fiftieth, we’ll strive to answer questions truthfully, provide expert feedback, and counsel your skin care journey with your goals foremost in our minds.

Find the answers to many commonly asked questions below or reach out with your own questions today by calling 801-810-4397.

Skin Care & Skincare Clinic FAQs

Master Aestheticians must complete thousands of hours of coursework guided by state licensing boards. To receive their credentials, Master Aestheticians must also complete rigorous written and practical examinations. This intense degree of training ensures that the provider has the knowledge they need to offer advanced skin care treatments safely.

Pure Skin Care is owned and operated by Master Aesthetician Erin Brinton. Learn more about Erin on our About Page or send her a message today.

Excellent question! Unfortunately, most insurance policies will only cover some or all of a treatment expense when that treatment is deemed “medically necessary.” While that distinction can include aesthetic procedures in certain circumstances, it may not apply if you’re simply interested in improving your complexion.

At Pure Skin Care, we believe that everyone deserves healthy, radiant skin. That’s why we offer the care you crave at a cost you can afford. Check back often to review our latest discounts and special offers. You can save big on the care you love!

At Pure Skin Care, we specialize in the latest, greatest, most effective facial treatments on the market today. For starters, we offer HydraFacials and CoolJet™ Plasma facials—two comprehensive treatments that take skincare into the 21st century.

We also offer other treatments to improve facial skin. These include chemical peels, microchanneling, and LED light therapy. At the end of the day, the best facial for you is the one that works. During your free consultation, we’ll speak to you at length about your skin health and your skincare desires. Afterward, we’ll create a custom skin care plan to address your worries and create the outcomes you want most.

Waxing is a safer, more effective, and longer-lasting way to reduce unwanted hair nearly anywhere on the body. At Pure Skin Care, we offer waxing services for legs, backs, lips, brows, bikini lines, and even your nose. We also specialize in the show-stopping Brazilian wax.

Improve intimacy, comfort, and confidence by finding a waxing treatment that works for you. With affordable prices and an expert hand, we can rid you of unwanted hair anywhere!

Absolutely! We’re so pleased you’d think of us! We offer gift cards online to make it that much easier. A spa day is a great present for the special people in your life. At Pure Skin Care, your special somebody can relax, unwind, and finally attend to their skin concerns in a safe and knowledgeable atmosphere.

We treat every client with respect and compassion, taking the time to understand your skin and your goals. Browse our services and pricing online or give us a call at 801-810-4397 to learn more about our skincare clinic!

Yes, many of our clients are from Salt Lake City. Located in Holladay, UT, Pure Skin Care is only 20 minutes away from downtown Salt Lake by car. We love serving Holladay locals and our friends from nearby Salt Lake City!

Find our advanced skincare clinic by heading over to our contact page for details. We can’t wait to see and treat you in person!

On the day of your facial appointment, plan to arrive roughly 15 minutes early. To treat you better, we ask that all clients fill out a comprehensive intake form prior to treatment. This allows us to track your progress and document your concerns for better care each and every visit.

Remember that your hair may become damp during the facial, and will usually be held back from your face with a soft wrap or headband, so you may not want to schedule a public appearance right after your facial! There is no need to remove your makeup prior to the appointment, as it will be cleansed off during the facial.

That’s it! We’re looking forward to seeing you!

After a facial, your skin will probably be soft, smooth, and hydrated. However, if multiple extractions were needed, or if you required a fair amount of exfoliation, your face may be somewhat rosy for one to two hours, depending on how sensitive your skin is. This is quite normal. You can apply mineral makeup after your facial if there is some redness you want to conceal.

Get All Your Questions Answered at Pure Skin Care

At Pure Skin Care, we’re not interested in working “magic.” While the results we create may feel and look inexplicable, we take the time to educate our clients on every step we take together throughout their skin care journey. When you understand your skin, your treatment, and your goals, you can make better care decisions—both with us and with other providers in the future.

Schedule your free consultation today so we can discuss your skin care needs. At Pure Skin Care, we’re interested in improving your skin, enlarging your confidence, and enhancing your life without limits. Call us today at 801-810-4397 or contact us online.