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Own Every Room With a Look

Expert Brow Tinting, Brow Waxing, & Lash Tinting in Holladay, UT

If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then your brows are the pediments—flourishes that accentuate structure, shape, and allure. But not everyone is born with the commanding brows or luscious lashes they desire most. At Pure Skin Care, we enhance your lashes and brows by shaping and dying them. Our expert brow tinting and brow waxing services give your eyes the POP they need to stop traffic and draw full attention in any room. Here’s how it works.

Achieve Fuller, Bigger, Better Brows with Brow Tinting

When it comes to the eyes, each of us has a unique quality. The combination of luxurious lashes and well-shaped brows cannot be underestimated. Unfortunately, nature doesn’t always deliver the lashes and brows we want. But sculpting and enhancing your natural features is easy with a Master Aesthetician on your side.

At Pure Skin Care, we may start with a brow waxing treatment to craft your brow contours. Once we have the right shape for your eyes and facial structure, we dye the brow and lash hairs so they appear thicker and more expressive. At rest and when making faces, your new brows command attention and respect. Own every room you walk into by choosing brow tinting today.

Advantages of Lash & Brow Tinting

  • Fuller look
  • Better shape
  • Replaces cosmetics
  • Low maintenance
  • Long lasting (up to 4 weeks)
  • Quick appointment (15 minutes)
  • Boosted confidence
  • Supercharged allure

How Brow Tinting Works

Despite its name, brow tinting does more than just dye existing hairs. Brow tinting can enlarge your brow’s footprint and even shape it. During your consultation, our Master Aesthetician will speak with you at length about your goals and your style. Afterward, we’ll apply the dye to your existing hairs and the fine hairs at the margins of your browline.

This dye also colors the topmost skin layer beneath the hairs. Together with the darker hairs, this color adds a deep fullness, making brows POP like never before. Best of all, results last for weeks on end and spare clients the time and expense associated with cosmetic products. If you’re ready to take over every room you walk into, call us at 801-810-4397 today!

Brow Tinting FAQs

On average, clients can enjoy fuller, deeper, more expressive eyebrows for anywhere from three to four weeks. Numerous factors can affect the duration of these results. Your natural rate of hair loss, the thickness and length of your existing eyebrows, and your at-home care routine can shorten or preserve results. Most patients enjoy the benefits of brow tinting for weeks on end.

To learn more about how brow tinting works, contact us today.

With just 15-20 minutes of your time, you can enjoy thicker, shapelier eyebrows for weeks on end. When compared to a daily cosmetic application, brow tinting can save you hours each month—all with a small time investment.

Cut your next lunch break short and schedule your brow tinting appointment instead by calling Pure Skin Care in Holladay and Salt Lake City, UT, at 801-810-4397.

At Pure Skin Care, our brow tinting treatment typically accompanies our brow waxing services. For a brow waxing and brow tinting treatment, we charge $45. Together, this complete brow pampering shapes, enhances, and expands your brows. Results can last for upwards of 8 weeks.

Lash & Brow Menu & Pricing

Lash Tint$40

Darken your lashes to achieve the appearance of a fuller lash without mascara or other makeup products.

Brow Wax & Tint$45

Treat yourself to a brow wax and tint and leave the house worrying about one less thing!

Give Your Eyes the Power They Deserve with Pure Skin Care

Nature may not have given you the look you want, but at Pure Skin Care, we can give you the lashes and brows you desire most. Trim, shape, enhance, and enlarge your brows to maximize your facial structure and your allure. With brow waxing and brow tinting, you can customize your brows to do the talking for you.

Schedule your consultation today and tell us about your dream brows. At Pure Skin Care, we take a you-first approach to every treatment. That means prioritizing your skin, fulfilling your goals, and offering expert advice along the way. Call us today at 801-810-4397.

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