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Inspire The Skin You’re In

Holladay’s Choice for Expert Microchanneling Treatment

When we’re young, our bodies seem to heal overnight. Few scrapes or bruises last beyond a couple of days. But as we age, our natural healing process slows. At Pure Skin Care in Holladay, UT, we use microchannelling to help turn the mitochondria cell on, which helps stimulate collagen elastin that helps rejuvenate the skin and leaves you with a more youthful appearance.  For tighter, brighter, smoother skin, choose microchanneling today!

What is Microchanneling & How Does it Work?

Your skin is a network of blood vessels, soft tissue, connective tissue, and nerves. Through this system, skin is capable of communicating its wants, needs, and emergencies. When it senses damage, skin responds by producing and distributing healing agents to the affected area. But by tricking your skin, we can harness and direct these healing factors deliberately.

At Pure Skin Care, we use microchanneling to trick your skin into better healing. With a special applicator lined with extremely fine needles, we’re able to simulate skin damage so effectively that your skin doesn’t know the difference. Skin responds by supercharging collagen production which tightens skin in the treatment area while healing any acne scarring or deep pigmentation. In essence, microchanneling promotes tighter, faster-healing skin wherever you need it most.

Microchanneling Benefits & Advantages

  • Quick, comfortable treatment
  • Long-lasting results (2-10 years)
  • Tightens skin
  • Promotes healing
  • Better skincare product absorption
  • Reduces fine lines/wrinkles
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation
  • So much more

Pair Microchanneling with Ideal Skincare Products

Aestheticians, dermatologists, and beauty enthusiasts have struggled with the same problem for far too long—maximizing the effects of skincare products. Regardless of how much you pay for serums and creams, they all share the same limitation: penetrating the skin barrier. Without deeper absorption, even the best products can barely go skin-deep to create superficial results.

Microchanneling drastically increases the effectiveness and benefits of topical skincare products. Each microchannel is like a microscopic well in your skin. They make it easier for topical serums to penetrate your skin barrier, boosting effectiveness and results. With both medical and cosmetic applications, microchanneling is just what your skin needs to heal, rejuvenate, and glow. Schedule your appointment today by calling  801-810-4397.

Microchanneling FAQs

Prior to the treatment, we apply a numbing cream to avoid with any discomfort. For a majority of patients, microchanneling is safe, effective, and entirely discomfort-free. The microfilaments (microneedles) create thousands of microscopic punctures in the treatment area. These tiny wounds are so small that they often won’t be seen with the naked eye.

That said, your individual comfort level with needles (even extremely short, fine needles) may make the treatment more or less tolerable for you. To learn if you’re a good candidate for Procell microchanneling, call Pure Skin Care in Holladay, UT, at 801-810-4397.

Yes, microchanneling only starts the collagen induction process. Your skin does the rest. Our natural healing response has been designed by nature over generations. By all accounts, inspiring this healing response in a given treatment area is safer, more reliable, and more effective than other surgical or invasive methods.

Because your body creates and sustains the boost in collagen, results can last for years on end. To learn more about how microchanneling works, contact Pure Skin Care today.

Although they rely on the same foundational principles, microchanneling and microneedling are different treatments. In many ways, microchanneling is the evolved, refined form of microneedling.

Both treatments rely on collagen induction and inspire superior healing and tighter skin by simulating skin damage. But the microfilaments used in the microchanneling treatment are kinder on your skin and more effective in the long run.

Microchanneling Menu & Pricing

Single Session (60 min)$300

A skin analysis will be performed to determine which needle length will be used.  On your clean skin, we numb your skin so there is little discomfort, use LED light therapy, and use Procell serums to penetrate your skin while we perform the microchanneling. Afterward, we apply a hydrating mask and send you home with lovely serums to use during your healing process.

3-Treatment Series$750

Remodel your skin entirely by committing to three microchanneling treatment sessions for ultimate skin health and radiance.

Inspire Your Skin With Microchanneling in Holladay

Just like us, our skin gets a little tired as it ages. It may not always respond to sun damage, blemishes, fine lines, and scars with the enthusiasm we expect. Thankfully, by tricking your skin into sensing damage, we can encourage the development of structural proteins and direct the healing effort. Microchanneling puts you back in charge of how you age by hacking your skin.

Microchanneling is the gift that keeps on giving in Holladay and Salt Lake City, UT. Schedule your appointment with Pure Skin Care today by calling us at 801-810-4397!

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