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Let’s Address The Toner Question

The right toner can make or break your facial routine…

Here are a few ways a toner can help you achieve gorgeous skin.

  • Not all toners are good… you want to be careful of what you use.
  • Toners help remove any leftover makeup, sunscreen, or pollution your cleanser left behind. Wipe your face and neck post cleanse with a toner on a saturated cotton round.
  • Toners, Control oil production, decongests the skin and purify your pores. Toners prep your skin for serums.
  • A spritz of toner, after your makeup application will brighten your skin and give it a dewy finish. Once you mist over the face, neck and decollete, then press gently into the skin.

Live, laugh, love, and tone! If you would like my toner recommendation, please reach out.